Have you ever wondered to what extent technology and modernity affect our lives and consequently our free time?
Would you like to live an experience at least a little different from the usual?
If the answer to these questions is yes, we make a proposal that comes from the desire to free ourselves from the conditioning we are unwittingly undergoing. Come and discover our “almost unique” ketch built in 1974. It’s called SENOUIRE and welcomes us as a beautiful lady a little ‘agè but terribly charming.
Of course it is not perfect but has the enormous merit of welcoming guests in an atmosphere of other times … definitely VINTAGE but just as definitely comfortable.
It will be a good game to forget the intrusive technology of modernity to let yourself be pampered by the sun and the sea in a unique and perfect setting such as the Amalfi Coast.
And maybe, to make everything even more special and engaging, bring with you some piece of clothing in theme !!! In the meantime, we will try to intensify the experience with the evocative foods of the period. Our reference decade is that of the year of construction of the SENOUIRE the years ’70 -’80. We look forward to experiencing an experience together



In addition to pleasant sailing that allow you to appreciate the sound of the sea that shatters on the high wall of ketch, you can admire the most suggestive inlets of a unique place in the world as the Amalfi Coast, beaches to be reached with the tender , first motorized and then rowing so as not to violate the exclusive charm of these places. Guests can visit places inaccessible from the ground and make short swimming routes to scrutinize the beautiful coves and picturesque caves that sometimes have natural chimneys from which light or small water falls enter. Where present it will be possible to follow the paths to go up the coast to admire the landscape below.



Diving in scuba diving with a certified instructor for guests who have a diving license. An opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the Amalfi coast in complete safety. The dives will be carried out with a specially approved boat and suitable equipment of the scuba diving center “La Tartaruga sub“.