It is a part of Italy famous all over the world for its naturalistic beauty, home to important tourist settlements. In the Greek period they represented a key meeting point between the Tyrrhenians (Etruscans), Phoenicians (Carthaginians) and Greeks. The rich necropolises have returned vases and imported materials from Corinth, Athens, Ionia and sumptuous local productions. Of particular interest are both the crockery and the vascular products. During the First Punic War clashes between Rome and Carthage were the scene. In Roman times they became centers of commerce for sulfur, alum and salt, wine and garum. Also in this case the rich goldsmiths and grave goods with glass jars and fragments attributable to sarcophagi and funerary statues demonstrate a good standard of living, probably connected to the diffusion of the senate latifundium. Mythological places that hosted the king of the winds, the king of the seas, the sirens and that inspired travelers, historians and writers. They are beaten by the wind, they are a paradise for many. Few people live there, but despite the difficulties they do not leave these places so fascinating, some have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not only crystal clear sea but lands to explore, ancient cultures to rediscover, typical products to taste. These are the special places not to be missed.

It is possible to board the Senouire from the ports of meridional Tirreno sea.

In addition to pleasant sailing that allow you to appreciate the sound of the sea that shatters on the high wall of ketch, you can admire the most suggestive inlets of a unique place in the world, beaches to be reached with the tender , first motorized and then rowing so as not to violate the exclusive charm of these places. Guests can visit places inaccessible from the ground and make short swimming routes to scrutinize the beautiful coves and picturesque caves that sometimes have natural chimneys from which light or small water falls enter. Where present it will be possible to follow the paths to go up the coast to admire the landscape below.

In these places it is possible to find very fresh fish but also many fruit and vegetable products collected in vegetable gardens in prospect of the coast characterized by genuine flavors and intense aromas. In addition, all over the territory are produced excellent that are combined with many ingredients. These include lemons and limoncello, anchovies and colatura, tuna, lemon delight, candied peel, squid, puddings and many others. With such a wide variety of products it is possible to offer guests an interesting range of both raw and cooked dishes. Where possible, sea urchins can be collected, opened and rinsed directly with sea water to enjoy the true flavor of such a delicious product.