The project relates some aspects of Angelo’s skills, that is, the ability to interview and stimulate issues related to the world of innovation and creativity in general, the ability to materially realize what he designs thanks to the knowledge of construction techniques.
Given that the sailboat needs team play and therefore collaboration and is often an opportunity to discuss how to deal with specific situations in order to make the boat go in the desired direction with the wind that is available, this project starts from this need for interaction and comparison, sometimes even harsh and harsh, to dissect ideas and ideas in the field of innovation even if not necessarily related to the sea.
In fact on the sailboat as well as in any group there is the leader who is the person who leads the group to achieve its goal. We can all be leaders according to the situations in which we find ourselves and choose a managerial style.
The managerial style is found in those situations where the leader takes on himself all the decisional responsibilities. The group, in this case, has no chance to influence his will, almost absolute. The persuasive style is precisely of that leader who wants to involve the members of the group in the decision making process, reserving the final decision. When the leader, in relation to the group, is only a “prius inter pares”, then his style is called participative. The leader who entrusts the decisions of the group with the choice of objectives and how to achieve them, is characterized by a elegant style.
Each of these four styles is not right or wrong by itself. They have advantages and disadvantages, limits and positive aspects. Each of us adopts one of these four fundamental styles or a combination of them as the prevailing style. On a sailing boat as in the management of a company it is necessary to know how to adopt them all, in relation to the level of maturity, professionalism, responsibility and motivation of the group. In short, the leadership style must be adapted to the situation.
The sailing port helps to understand how to manage a group in which there are always emotional, psychological, and content and cognitive aspects, which belong to individual people and that being present in each of us create group dynamics that must be taken into consideration. bill. On a sailing boat as in any group, it is important to give roles and objectives, rather than rules and job descriptions, because grouping serves to create interactions that increase performance by reducing stress and unnecessary competition. The dynamics of the group materialize as conflicts, territorial issues, relations of influence, relations between leaders and followers, scapegoat syndrome.
To conduct a sailboat, synergy is needed which is a wonderful phenomenon when it happens. He has some miraculous. In fact it makes sure that one plus one does at least three.
And why? Because it adds up the personality of an individual to the interaction that allows to reach quality problem solving and produce a result that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.

So we will do some sailing, we will stay below the coast and we will swim both sailing and stationary. We will eat on board cooking together.
The topics that will be treated will be linked to the relationship between production and the economy, or how to make the projects sustainable and achievable respecting the project idea but compatible with market demands. Obviously the issues can also be agreed in advance and modified at least 3 days in advance.